Prayer Alert - Japan 2011
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Prayer Alert - Japan, 2011

Pr. Jaynan Clark

March 16, 2011

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From the days of classes at Luther Seminary and missionary training at the Benedictine Center in Madison, WI in the summer of 1985 until the present day, continues a lifelong, cherished friendship with Nathan and Sharonette Bowman, Lutheran missionaries serving in Japan since 1985.

They went to the Far East and we went to Africa but our paths never strayed far from one another. Last week a few days of silence, from the time of the earthquake and tsunami until we finally connected by Skype I was in constant prayer for them, their family, the people they minister to and the whole of the nation of Japan suffering in the wake of this great disaster. I asked them to write and send a prayer from there on the ground in Japan that we could share on our website. They have honored that request and responded with the prayer included below. I invite each of you to join in prayer with them and continue to pray as they sift through the rubble of a suffering nation asking our Crucified and Risen Lord to use this time of deprivation, challenge, darkness, uncertainty and death to bring about faith in Him and to make new disciples among the people of Japan that life and hope might abound.

Thanks and Blessings,


A prayer for the people of Japan

written by Nathan and Sharonette Bowman, Lutheran missionaries in Japan.

Our Gracious Father in Heaven, You are Creator of all things. The heavens and the Earth are Yours. By Your word You have formed them. They declare Your majesty and sing forth Your praises. How great is Your name in all of the Earth. Have mercy on the people of Japan, who are suffering from the devastating aftermath of an earthquake.

  • We pray for those who have died, that you would embrace them in your loving arms according to Your will.
  • We pray for your comfort and consolation for those whose loved ones have died.
  • We pray for the rescue of those who are trapped.
  • We pray for the healing of those who are injured.
  • We pray for the missing, and those who yearn to know of their condition.
  • We pray for wisdom for the leaders, who are faced with the challenge of rebuilding communities, infrastructures, transportation networks, and the systems that provide services.
  • We pray for wisdom for those who are working to avert a nuclear disaster.
  • We pray for those who from many nations, join together to find life, and begin the restoration process.
  • We pray for Your church and Your people, including pastors and their families, and members of congregations who have been swallowed up in this disaster.
  • We pray that through this, we may all learn to be more gracious, more loving and forgiving, more patient and faithful, more compassionate and caring in our own relationships, and cherish the precious life you have entrusted to us.
  • We pray for those who do not know you, that through this, as you draw near to them, that they may also draw near to you.
  • We pray for direction and guidance, that those who no longer have the strength to stand and rebuild, may receive the help that they need: for those who have lost hope, that their life would be restored.
  • We pray for the children, that they would be freed from fear.
  • We pray that the needed supplies would reach the area, that the hungry would be fed, and those who are cold would be warm again.
  • We pray that the people of Japan would have a new compassion for one another.
  • We pray that your kingdom would come and that your will would be done.
  • We pray that in this time of our suffering, that we would remember the sacrifice and suffering of your Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ, who gave His life that we may live, forever in Your presence.
  • We join this prayer with the prayers of those whose hearts now cry out to you,
  • In Jesus Name,
  • Amen