WordAlone - “Anchored in the Word”
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“Anchored in the Word” — Conference


Presenter: Dr. David Clark (Provost of Bethel University, St. Paul, Minn.)

October 28-29, 2011

Central Lutheran Church
Elk River, MN Map

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The Bible tells a simple but powerful story: God created a good world. But that world has gone desperately off kilter. In response, God literally became a human person through Christ. He's literally restoring his creation to its former luster. This is the story that shapes world history.

This story also governs the possibilities for each human life. The story confronts each of us as humans with two options. Either we accept the story, commit our lives to Christ, and join in with God as he works to restore all things. Or do we reject the story, flee from God, and commit our lives, through a million daily decisions, to some other, lesser agenda.

In light of this story, how shall I choose to live? What is my most reasonable path? How should I invest my one and only life?

Daycare will be provided!

Conference Topics

  • Does the Christian Message Resonate Today?

    Just be a good person ... be nice to your neighbor ... that should get you to heaven. Or would it? Does the Gospel, the Good News, of Jesus go beyond simply being a good neighbor? What really is the message of Jesus? And does it really speak meaningfully to life in the 21st century?

  • Does Faith make Sense?

    Many very smart people say logic obliterates faith. Does the best of human thinking show that faith in God is foolish? Don't Christians "park their brains" when they choose to follow Christ? Or is a vibrant faith in Jesus somehow deeply connected with intelligence and wisdom?

  • Does Evil Disprove God?

    Suffering Challenges every human being. Does the reality of evil disprove God? Does the fact that people suffer mean that God really doesn't love after all? Or does faith offer more strength for sufferers than most people imagine?

  • Does the Bible Speak Truth?

    Religious books are a dime a dozen. Does the Bible differ from other spiritual books? Don't all so-called revelations say essentially the same thing? Or is the Bible in some way special or unique among the religious books of the world?

  • Does Jesus Lead to God?

    People believe there are numerous spiritual paths to the top of the mountain of faith. Doesn't every religious teacher say, "Love their neighbor"? Did Jesus really teach anything different than others? Or is Jesus different from the other religious teachers of human history? What makes allegiance to Jesus unique?