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A compilation of essays and comments by concerned pastors, theologians and laypersons, challenging denominations who are denying Christ’s resurrection, ‘demythologizing’ Scripture, blessing same-sex relationships, ordaining non-celibate homosexuals.

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WordAlone president says

—Prof. Nestingen has much he can give to the church

by Betsy Carlson (Editor, WordAlone Network)

News: February 16, 2006

"Jim still has a lot of classes to teach, sermons to preach and books to write," WordAlone Network President Jaynan Clark Egland said today in response to news that Prof. James A. Nestingen, age 60, is retiring from his teaching post at Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minn.

Nestingen has been chairman of the WordAlone Theological Advisory Board since it was formed in 2002. He has been part of the history department at Luther since 1980.

"The news out of Luther Seminary about Jim's surprising retirement states that he retired as of Jan. 31 'as part of an effort to resolve some claimed interpersonal difficulties within the faculty.' I urge those Lutherans who are part of the WordAlone Network not to question his decision nor to speculate about it," she said.

Word of Nestingen's retirement was posted on Luther Seminary's web site today. The announcement, signed by seminary President Rick Bliese and Nestingen, said Nestingen had been asked and agreed to continue to teach on a limited basis and direct graduate students as professor emeritus of church history.

It also stated Nestingen's retirement was not due to any allegations of heresy or misconduct, sexual or otherwise, and that the seminary did not ask Nestingen to retire or resign.

"We in the WordAlone Network thank Jim for curriculum, books, articles and Bible studies he has written. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for him and other confessional Lutherans during the present challenging period in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The time for renewal, reform and deeper theological reflection in the church is now.

"Convention planners look forward to Jim's taking up the WordAlone convention theme, 'Pulpit, Parents, Pews: Teaching the Christian Faith in the Local Church' this spring," Egland said. "Jim is one of those rare Lutheran teaching theologians who keeps one foot in the goings on in local churches and the other in the seminary preparing future preachers and teachers."