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A compilation of essays and comments by concerned pastors, theologians and laypersons, challenging denominations who are denying Christ’s resurrection, ‘demythologizing’ Scripture, blessing same-sex relationships, ordaining non-celibate homosexuals.

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News: January 17, 2008

Review and Respond

—to new pastoral care resources

by Mark Chavez, Director

The provisional texts for a companion resource to "Evangelical Lutheran Worship," the new ELCA hymnal, are available for review. You can find the provisional texts for "Evangelical Lutheran Worship: Pastoral Care" at:

The ELCA worship staff requested that people review the resources and respond with feedback by Feb. 1, mid-Feb. at the latest. photo of ELCA 'Evangelical Lutheran Worship' hymnalThe new resource will be published in fall 2008. It will be the first volume of a two-volume resource. The second volume will be "a collection of services and rites for use in the worshiping assembly and will be available for review at a later date," according to information on the ELCA web site.

The pastoral care volume will be similar to "Occasional Services: A Companion to Lutheran Book of Worship," which is a collection of services for specific occasions beyond weekly Sunday worship services.

It is important for ELCA members to review the provisional texts and give feedback to the ELCA worship staff. You may use online review forms to respond if you wish at: