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Resolution — on the Formation of a House of Studies


Whereas, the 2005 convention of the WordAlone Network has reaffirmed that Scripture remains the source and norm of matters of life and faith; and

Whereas, the future of what is preached and taught in Lutheran churches in the United States is shaped primarily by the theological integrity of the teaching institutions of the Church; and

Whereas, ELCA Presiding Bishop Mark Hanson erroneously stated that there are in the Lutheran tradition, two "irreconcilable," yet "valid" ways, in which to interpret Scripture; and the terms "traditional" and "contextual are used pejoratively and distort the history of Lutheran thinking with respect to Biblical authority; and

Whereas, the situation is urgent with respect to theological education across the eight seminaries in the ELCA; therefore

Be It Resolved, that the 2005 convention of the WordAlone Network direct the WordAlone Board to appoint a Task Force to develop a plan and proposal to establish a "Lutheran Theological House of Studies" using the gifts of theological teachers employing the scriptural hermeneutic of the Lutheran Reformation.