WordAlone - Pr. Jepsen - commentary/critique
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U.S. Resources

Resources from Canada

  • Communities of Grace -- a commitment by churches to welcome all sinners who struggle with sexual sins (heterosexual and homosexual) and minister to them without abandoning them to their sexual proclivities.
  • A Declaration of Selective Fellowship -- a movement to gather signatures for a public declaration in which the signers declare that they "will not take the current of the age" and instead "take the current that serves the witness to the Christ, the call to repentance an d faith, and the pursuit of unity within the whole Church, inspired by Scripture and our Lutheran Confessions." Click on the title to view the declaration. A website will soon be established to gather public signatures. In the meantime, if you wish to sign the declaration contact Pastor Glen Johnson.
  • Solid Ground -- is a network of Lutheran clergy and laity within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) concerned about present trends and movements within the Church, particularly around the issues of Scriptural authority and human sexuality.