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Youth Encounter announces national youth event

Lutheran Youth Encounter has announced its first national youth event, EDGE!, which is scheduled July 7-11, 2006, in Nashville, Tenn.

The Rev. Dr. Larry Dean Johnson, president of Lutheran Youth Encounter, said recently: "My hope is that this event will strengthen the church to be faithful, vibrant, and growing. The event can demonstrate the vitality and the effectiveness of our confessional heritage. It can help claim the evangelical and confessional center for the church and for youth.

"The event can influence the church to bring the counter-cultural message of the scriptures to society rather than having the church adopt the values of the culture."

Lutheran Youth Encounter is a non-profit religious organization of the Lutheran tradition engaged in youth and mission ministry. The organization does most of its ministry in the United States under the banner of Youth Encounter, in part to share a Lutheran Christian witness beyond the Lutheran church. The organization ministers on a regular basis in 30 other countries utilizing its corporate name. Over the past three years, Youth Encounter has served 2,900 congregations in the United States, including one out of six ELCA congregations and one out of eight LC-MS congregations.

Johnson personally contacted many pastors and church leaders to talk about the idea of having Youth Encounter put on a national youth event.

He said: "The pastors with whom I visited desire an event through which Jesus Christ might transform young people, enable them to live their lives according to the scriptures and equip them to serve others in Christ's name. Pastors desire to help young people deal with the ongoing assaults upon Christian faith and morals that they receive in school, in society and even from within the church.

"Christian young people want to share their faith in Jesus Christ and to serve others in His name, and pastors want to equip and to support them in these ministries. Pastors want the event to encourage young people to consider professional church ministries. The event needs to support congregations in their ongoing ministry with families and young people. Pastors and youth ministry leaders need to be supported to teach appropriately and effectively."

Johnson explained that the possibility of doing a national youth event first occurred to him as he was reflecting on ways that Youth Encounter might best serve the church in its present situation.

"I wondered if Youth Encounter might make a significant contribution to the church by offering an evangelical and confessional event as Lutherans have traditionally understood those terms. To check out my idea, I contacted 30 church leaders I respect, and heard them say that such an event was both a worthy and potent idea.

"Then I called 100 pastors I thought might be interested in such an event, and discovered that most were eager to encourage their youth to participate. So I concluded that Youth Encounter should produce the event," said Johnson, president of Youth Encounter since 1974. "In producing the event, Youth Encounter can act in its role as the 'movement' church to challenge the 'institutional' church to be faithful to Christ and to the Christian scriptures."

"As you know, the ELCA and the LC-MS sponsor national youth gatherings. These gatherings serve about one-third of their respective congregations," Johnson added. "Youth Encounter's national youth event is intended to serve additional congregations and to support the present gatherings in effective ministry based on a traditional interpretation of the Christian scriptures and Lutheran confessions.

"I welcome your prayers, suggestions, and participation in making Youth Encounter's first national youth event a blessing for young people, families, congregations and the larger church."

Rev. TJ Anderson, a new Youth Encounter vice president, will plan and implement this national youth event and hopefully many more. He is an accomplished youth minister with over 25 years of experience. For more information contact TJ by phone 1-800-659-6884, ext. 8448; email Information is also on the web at