WordAlone - Resolution on the Formation of a House of Studies
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Proposal for an Autonomous Lutheran Theological House of Studies

Conference - 2006

Whereas the existing Lutheran seminaries provide theological education in multiple and flexible ways, with some of the professors employing the scriptural hermeneutic of the Lutheran Reformation, but no Evangelical Lutheran Church in America educational institution is wholly committed to or embracing the traditional approach; and

Whereas the 2005 WordAlone Network annual convention directed the “WordAlone Board to appoint a task force to develop a plan and proposal to establish a ‘Lutheran theological house of studies’ using the gifts of theological teachers employing the scriptural hermeneutic of the Lutheran Reformation;” and

Whereas the task force for the house of studies, under the leadership of Dr. Dennis Bielfeldt, has presented a proposal for the house of studies at this 2006 WordAlone Network annual convention, which proposes an autonomous and accredited house of studies “that focuses on the Confessions, is competent in relating the Confessions to the world in which we live, and that recognizes that proper authority can be located in the Word alone;” therefore

Be it resolved that the 2006 WordAlone Network annual convention endorses the proposal presented by the house of studies task force for an autonomous, accredited house of studies, which partners with existing institutions to offer a multi-site delivery option, and that provides Lutheran churches with pastors and leaders whose Lord and Savior is Jesus the Christ and whose theological education is firmly grounded in the scriptural truth and the hermeneutic of the Lutheran Reformation; and furthermore

Be it resolved that this convention direct the WordAlone Network Board of Directors to implement this proposal and establish a Lutheran theological house of studies for the strengthening and betterment of the Lutheran churches in America, especially the ELCA – so that its members, leaders, churches, colleges and seminaries might make disciples and teach all that Jesus has commanded us.

Adopted by the WordAlone Network 2006 Annual Convention on May 2, 2006