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Following on this page are links to papers and resources created and/or obtained Dr. Merton Strommen. As there are a large number of documents, it is felt that access to these documents should be given upon their completion. As such, this page is a Work In Progress until all the documents are converted. Please check back here often for new additions. The link in the "Title" column is to the HTML version (printable). The "Word" column links to the applicable document in Microsoft's Word format.
Papers and Other Resources
Date Title Word Source Description
08/2002 Dan's Story Word Dr. Merton Strommen Young man's personal history
08/2002 Dave R Story Word Dr. Merton Strommen Another young man's struggles
08/2002 M Story Word Dr. Merton Strommen A female story
08/2002 Myths about homosexuality Word Dr. Merton Strommen Commonly held beliefs and myths
08/2002 Ryan's Story Word Dr. Merton Strommen Coming out of homosexuality
08/2002 Searching for love Word Dr. Merton Strommen A woman's struggle with lesbianism
08/2002 Visions of our own minds Word GREAT LAKES CONFESSIONAL LUTHERANS A study of homosexuality and the scriptures
07/2002 Christ's Scriptures? Word Muedeking Christ's Scripture or Scripture's Christ — Is It an Either-Or?
07/2002 Gagnon Study Guide Word Robert A. Gagnon/Dr. Merton Strommen A study guide for congregations on sexuality
07/2002 Gagnon Summary Word Robert A. J. Gagnon, DD, PhD. A Theocentric and Christocentric Preface to the Sexuality Debate
07/2002 Hershman Review Word The Rev. Dr. Christopher Hershman The Church and Homosexuality
07/2002 Marriage Resolution Word Dr. Merton Strommen A congregational memorial resolution
07/2002 Word only Word Dr. Merton Strommen A leader's study guide on Strommen's "Church and Homosexuality"
03/2003 Video Descriptions and Ordering Info Word Dr. Merton Strommen Pertinent video presentations available
03/2004 Homosexuality Word Dr. Merton Strommen A strong, comprehensive bibliography of reference material
04/2003 Research and the Issue of Homosexuality Word Dr. Merton Strommen The use and abuse of research
05/2003 Biblical Approach to Human Sexuality Word Dr. Merton Strommen A Biblical Approach to Human Sexuality, Upper Arlington Lutheran Church, Columbus, Ohio
10/2002 The Authority of Scripture in the “Homosex” Debate Word Robert A. J. Gagnon, PhD. A “mainline view” of biblical authority, where due weight is given to Scripture’s core values; second, discussion on what the best analogies are to changing or retaining Scripture’s views on homosexual practice; third, examination of how Jesus himself understood the double love commandment; and, fourth, examination of Paul’s views on law and grace.
11/2002 No Universally Valid Sex Standards? (PDF format) Word Robert A. J. Gagnon, PhD. A Rejoinder to Walter Wink’s Views on the Bible and Homosexual Practice
11/2002 A Response to Walter Wink’s Christian Century Review (PDF format) Word Robert A. J. Gagnon, PhD. This is a longer version of the 3000-word response published in the August 14-27 issue of the Christian Century, vol. 119, no. 17
11/2002 Local Option for Certifying Pastors Word George H. Muedeking, D.D., PhD. Gay clergy, CCM, certification issues discussed
08/2004 Debating the moral issue of homosexuality Word Merton Strommen, PhD. During the coming years, people in congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America will be debating whether or not homosexuality is morally and religiously the equal of heterosexuality