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A compilation of essays and comments by concerned pastors, theologians and laypersons, challenging denominations who are denying Christ’s resurrection, ‘demythologizing’ Scripture, blessing same-sex relationships, ordaining non-celibate homosexuals.

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Synod assemblies — 2002

Looking for what's happening in the various synods across the ELCA?

See also:

Apr 6-7 Southwestern Minnesota Guidelines for using by-law amendment approved by synod council at this link. Resolution 02.02, Affirmation of "Vision & Expectations" action postponed indefinitely. Resolution 02.03, Congregational Support of Revision to "Vision & Expectations" adopted.
Apr 12-13 Eastern North Dakota Re-elected to a six-year term: Richard J. Foss
Apr 19-21 Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana  
Apr 19-21 Saint Paul Area Bishop elected: Peter Rogness
Apr 20-21 Western Iowa Honoring Constitutional Requests for Ordination Resolution ruled unconstitutional.
Apr 25-27 Sierra Pacific Bishop elected: David Mullen
Apr 26-28 Rocky Mountain  
May 2-4 New Jersey  
May 3-4 South-Central Synod of Wisconsin  
May 3-4 Southeastern Minnesota Resolution on Congregational Ratification of Sexuality Decisions Passed.Resolutions:1) Supporting Ordinations Outside the Historic Episcopacy and 2) Fair Representation failed. For more assembly info, click here.
May 3-4 Southeastern Pennsylvania  
May 3-5 Florida-Bahamas  
May3-5 Northeastern Minnesota

Created a fund to reduce the seminary debts of new pastors.

Re-elected to a six-year term: Peter Strommen

May 16-18 Pacifica Synod Resolution: Call for Constitutional Changes to Provide for a Voice for All Confirmed Members failed.
May 17-19 Montana

Passed the following Resolutions:

#1: Representation of Congregations in Church Matters

#2: Support ordinations outside historic episcopacy

#3: Ratification of Policy & Practice

May 19-21 Northern Great Lakes  
May 19-21 North/West Lower Michigan  
May 19-21 Southeast Michigan Proposal of Resolution A that called on the ELCA to rescind CCM failed. Resolution D to include a specific sentence into the service notes for the Rite of Ordianation failed.
May 30-Jun1 Grand Canyon  
May30-Jun1 Greater Milwaukee Bishop elected: Paul Stumme-Diers
May 30-Jun 1 Metropolitan New York Re-elected to a six-year term: Stephen P. Bouman
May 30-Jun1 Northeastern Pennsylvania Re-elected to a six-year term: David R. Strobel
May 30-Jun1 Southern Ohio Re-elected to a six-year term: Callon W. Holloway Jr.
May 30-Jun1 Southwest California
May 30-Jun 1 Southwestern Texas
May 31-Jun1 Nebraska  
May 31-Jun1 North Carolina  
May31-Jun 1 Northeastern Ohio  
May 31-Jun1 Northwest Synod of Wisconsin
May 31-Jun 1 Northwestern Ohio  
May 31-Jun 1 Southwestern Washington
May 31-Jun 2 Arkansas-Oklahoma Called for the ELCA to conduct a study of pastoral call processes & develop a churchwide hanbook on the process. In a 2nd resolution they asked the Church Council to consider amending the Model Constitution for Congregations of the ELCA to allow congregations to govern themselves not only as a "congregation council," but in other ways, such as elected officers & small teams.
May 31-Jun 2 Indiana-Kentucky Defeated a resolution to accept the Bible as "written without error (inerrant)" and "the first & most important resource in the ELCA's decisions on policies and social issue statements."
May 31-Jun 2 Oregon Synod
May 31-Jun 2 Southeastern  
May 31-Jun2 South Carolina Re-elected to a six-year term: David A. Donges
Jun 2-4 Upstate New York Bishop elected: Marie C. Jerge
Jun 6-8 South Dakota Adopted a resolution asking the churchwide assembly to call upon each ELCA congregation to ratify new policies regarding the blessing of same-gender relationships & any change in policy regarding ordination of people who are gay & lesbian in committed relationships.
Jun 7-8 Western North Dakota Resolution: Guidelines for Ordination in "Exceptional Circumstances" passed. Re-elected to a six-year term: Duane C. Danielson.
Jun 6-8 Central/Southern Illinois Defeated two resolutions related to CCM. The first called for modifications to a bylaw adopted at the 2001 Churchwide Assembly that allows for a candidate to be ordained by a pastor other than a bishop. The second called for clarification of the Tucson Resolution adopted by the Conference of Bishops & ELCA Church Council. They also defeated a resolution to reaffirm "biblical standards" of the church & condemn homosexual behavior. And they defeated a resolution that would have asked the ELCA Board of Pensions for a "relief of conscience policy," allowing members & congregations to opt out of the ELCA health plan based on "conscientious objections" to funding for abortions.
Jun 6-8 Metropolitan Chicago
Jun 6-8 Minneapolis Area Resolution to clarify the status of the Tucson Resolution passed. Resolution on Conference Equity and Representation failed. Reaffirmed their commitment to be a Reconciling in Christ Synod.
Jun 6-8 New England  
Jun 6-8 Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast
Jun 6-8 Northwestern Pennsylvania
Jun 6-9 Alaska Synod Encouraged synod congregations to adopt the RIC (Reconciled in Christ) designation. When half of the synod's congregations adopt the designation, the synod will consider whether it wishes to become an RIC synod.
Jun 7-8 East-Central Synod of Wisconsin Called for a change in election procedures for the presiding bishop & synod bishop. The resolutions asked for procedures that allow greater input into the process by voting members, especially lay members.
Jun 7-8 La Crosse Area Re-elected to a six-year term: April Ulring
Jun7-8 Lower Susquehanna
Jun 7-8 Northwest Washington Asked congregations to consider joining the Reconciling in Christ movement.
Jun 7-8 Upper Susquehanna  
Jun 7-8 West Virginia-Western Maryland Called on its congregations to commit one Sunday to collect a special offering to benefit the synod's "Rostered Leaders Debt Reduction" ministry.
Jun 7-9 Northeastern Iowa Asked the ELCA for access to information about the task force & study. Re-elected to a six-year term: Steven L. Ullestad.
Jun 7-9 Virginia
Jun 8 Caribbean-Puerto Rico  
Jun 8-9 Northwestern Minnesota Asked the ELCA Church Council to consider establishing a theological review process for governing documents or actions ensuring they conform to Scriptures& the confessions of the ELCA.
Jun 13-15 Allegheny  
Jun 13-15 Delaware-Maryland Rescinded its declaration in 2000 to become a "Reconciling in Christ" (RIC) synod.
Jun 13-15 Metropolitan Washington, D.C.  
Jun 13-15 Southwestern Pennsylvania  
Jun 14-15 Northern Illinois
Jun 14-16 Central States  
Jun 14-16 Southeastern Iowa Re-elected to a six-year term: Philip L. Hougen
Jun 21-23 Eastern Washington-Idaho Defeated a resolution that called for exceptions to ELCA ordination policies under CCM.
Jun 21-23 Slovak Zion Bishop elected: Wilma S. Kucharek
Jun 29 Caribbean-Virgin Islands