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10 Affirmations

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What the WordAlone Network Is For...

The growing WordAlone movement is driven by the Biblical and confessional teachings of the church. Although it arose in opposition to decisions made by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, it is an essentially positive movement, seeking to preserve and uphold the riches of the Lutheran theological tradition.

The following affirmations are an attempt to state positively those convictions that Word Alone is committed to preserving in the church. It is expected that as individuals and groups consider these affirmations across the ELCA, that many of them will realize that they share these convictions and already are members of WordAlone in spirit and conviction.

  • Jesus is the only way of salvation. God's justification of the godless by faith in Jesus Christ is the heart of the Gospel.
  • The Bible is the final authority over the faith and life of the Church. The Bible is God's Word to us, spoken in Law and Gospel. It is a light to, rather than a reflection of, the world.
  • The Lutheran Confessions are a faithful interpretation of Scripture. As faith seeks understanding, the Lutheran Confessions reliably guide us in the truth.
  • The Church's ministry is centered in the priesthood of all believers. In Baptism, the Holy Spirit makes all Christians priests to serve others for Jesus' sake.
  • Congregations call pastors to serve with them in ministry. Pastors preach and administer the sacraments to keep good order in the church, but are not necessary for Christ to be present in Word or Sacrament.
  • The local congregation is the heart of Christ's mission. The Christian Church is the assembly of believers called and gathered by God around Word and Sacrament. Regional and national structures exist to serve local churches.
  • Faithful Christian Worship keeps Christ at the center. The purpose of worship is to proclaim Christ and his saving work. It is not our sacrifice to God, but God coming to us to save us and guide us by his Word.
  • Church governance should be representative and accountable. Churchwide assemblies must respect the integrity and authority of local congregations.
  • Christian unity is given by and centered in Jesus Christ. True ecumenism respects the diversity within the Body of Christ, embracing worship, work and service with other Christian churches without compromising core convictions.
  • Biblical norms establish the boundaries and proper use of sexuality. The Bible clearly teaches that marriage is a holy bond between one man and one woman and is the only proper arena for sexual activity. From marriages, families are formed which serve as the building blocks of civilization.