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A compilation of essays and comments by concerned pastors, theologians and laypersons, challenging denominations who are denying Christ’s resurrection, ‘demythologizing’ Scripture, blessing same-sex relationships, ordaining non-celibate homosexuals.

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WordAlone Network —

is a verb

by Pastor Jaynan Clark Egland (President, WordAlone Network)

Acknowledging from the very beginning that nouns are a person, place or thing . . . and one could argue that WordAlone is a "thing" organizationally, made up of "people" living and working in different "places," effectively making it a noun three times over; photo of Pastor EglandI proffer that the Network is a verb both in its being and its doing. As defined by Article VII of the Augsburg Confession, the church is the preaching of the Word and the administering of the sacraments rightly. The church is the “doing” of the Living Word: delivering Jesus himself orally and through the real presence of his body and blood. The church is where sinners meet their Savior. It is an encounter. It is the state of “being” forgiven and saved and it comes from the church’s doing of the Living Word of God.

As Lutherans confessing the Living Word of God active among us as a two-edged sword, we realize that the Word is what the Word does. When the Word of God is preached, taught, read and distributed through the sacraments it works to call, gather, enlighten and sanctify through the power of the Holy Spirit. The Living Word is continually bringing to repentance and death then resurrecting new life in sinners who have ears to hear. So much "doing" by our Lord's hand!

Many wonder, "What is the church doing? What are the mainline denominations doing? What is our leadership doing? What are other Lutherans and Christians doing? What is the WordAlone Network doing?" Depending on the person talking and the one listening the answers vary tremendously. My job today is to answer the last of the inquiries: "What is the WordAlone Network doing?"

WordAlone Network is committed to living out its name by always focusing on its one driving mission: to witness to the authority of the Word of God as the source and norm for all of faith and life and to uphold that Truth whenever and wherever it comes under attack, even and especially if from within Christ Jesus' own church.

As a Network we do our work through building relationships, communication, interconnections and branching out. We are committed to seeing through to fruition the following programs and ministries:

  • The establishing of the WordAlone Institute in order to provide Word-based, Lutheran, Christian theological education for everyone in the pews, for those presently preaching, for those preparing to preach and for the next generation of professors. Equipping the saints to be about "doing the Word" is our calling as repentant sinners who are ready to take on such a luminous calling. We call for your prayers and support for the director of the institute, Dr. Dennis Bielfeldt, doctor of religion focusing on philosophical theology, and the associate director, Pastor Randy Freund.
  • Preparing and publishing educational materials for use in the churches: Bible studies and curriculum for not only Sunday school and the children but also for the women's groups, the men's groups, the couple's and singles'. Being prepared are confirmation curriculum for the seniors, Lutheran Confessions courses and reliable Bible-based stewardship materials. The birthing of WordAlone's educational resources publishing house, Sola Publishing, and the hiring of Pastor Steven King as education director for the Network will bring this longtime commitment to reality. Pastor Steve could also benefit greatly from your prayers and support with so much on his plate.
  • Release of WordAlone's first book - "By What Authority?" - scheduled to be available in 2008.
  • Continuing to provide two educational events annually: the theological conference held each November and our convention in April.
  • Continuing our reform work at synod and churchwide assemblies by working as a part of and providing administrative assistance to and resources for Lutheran CORE, the coalition working for reform of the ELCA. Our volunteer synod points of contact, or "spocs" as we call them, continue their important fieldwork in their synods preparing for elections, passage of resolutions and organizing local educational events for the churches and chapters. The WordAlone director, Pastor Mark Chavez, who continues to lead this effort, needs your prayers and support as the necessity for witness and reform increases.
  • Continuing to pursue and foster a discussion with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS) as we, as a Network, are at the center of the Lutheran theological spectrum in North America between the extremes in the ELCA and LCMS.
  • Expanding the Network internationally through connections with other Lutheran churches through their leadership or by working with other reform groups in different countries.
  • Calling together the members of the WordAlone Theological Advisory Board to consider their next topic on the confessional legitimacy and consequences of the ELCA's many social statements and its political activism.
  • Relating to and supporting the ministries of many other independent Lutheran agencies in the hope that "Centers for Lutheran Education and Ministry" can be housed in WordAlone churches across the country that desire to help equip the local churches with information and resources needed to become part of expanding, confessional ministries.
  • Seeking funds to embark on a poll of Protestant Christians to see where Lutherans and our neighbors in the faith are regarding issues facing our churches. Knowing where the people in the pew "stand" in their convictions is vitally important as we prepare for the future.

Is there more? Of course, but being short-staffed and limited in resources, we are already overextended in our "doing." However the good Lord has always provided each time we have trusted enough to step out, leap forward and dared to dream in His name. He has called us to be active hearers of His Word and "doers" as well. As church is a verb in its being and doing so also is the Network.

WordAlone is what WordAlone does . . . my prayer is that our doing is to the glory of God alone.