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New Churches

Starting Up? Starting over?

"Where two or more are gathered..."

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All things are possible with the Holy Spirit

What is a "remnant church?" It is a newly created church formed through the blood, sweat, and tears of Lutherans forced to take a stand for the Holy Scriptures as written in the Bible - the glorious Word of our Living God. When the ELCA decided to veer left and began "tailoring" the Scriptures to its own ends, many Lutherans reached the breaking point. They had had enough. No longer able to sit back and wait, nor to continue arguing or to continue being brow-beaten by bishops, they began forging their own "new" churches. These folks are "remnants." They are forming "remnant" churches: Lutheran churches that adhere to the Scriptures as our Lord God intended… "Remnant" churches in which to preach, teach, and confess Jesus Christ as God's Word alone.

The intent here is to describe in some detail the processes utilized by several of these groups of "remnants." Some found old church buildings and purchased them: some started from a hole in the ground. Still others found existing structures available that, with a lot of "elbow grease," sweat and determination along with a great deal of prayer, would become transformed into glorious churches in which to worship Jesus Christ.

Another group of "remnants" are those that do not contain enough members to build a brick and mortar church. This group is known as "House Churches." They gather in various members' homes to worship and conduct Bible studies. WordAlone Ministries, in partnership with Life Together Church (LTC) has a wealth of information for these groups. If you are in such a group, please visit the Life Together Churches page!
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Sometimes you must "start from a blank piece of paper"...

The ensuing pages contain descriptions of "Do's and Don'ts" along with actual documents used in the creation and establishing of these churches. Many of the documents will be in downloadable PDF format.

Many, if not all, of these folks who are building these churches have chosen to share their names and contact information. You are encouraged to contact these Lutheran brethren and ask pointed questions. Everyone will encounter unique difficulties and challenges in their quest to "build a church." Talking to those who "have done it" will certainly be helpful. Sharing their challenges, both met and unmet, will assist in the actual building process and sharing stories of faith will help meet challenges both seen and unseen.