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New Churches

Starting up? Starting over?

"Where two or more are gathered..."

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As more and more Lutheran churches find themselves embroiled in the "ELCA debacle," clear indications and signs are appearing across the country that loudly and accurately proclaim "Post-ELCA Lutheranism is not a dead-end road!" Christianity along with its many and various denominations has, over the centuries, expanded, contracted, and evolved into different colors, shapes, and configurations. Post-ELCA Lutherans are merely another example of this historical phenomenon. Since the 2009 Church-wide Assembly at which the ELCA seemingly put before its constituency a fork in the road. Taking the left turn would lead those Lutherans to a more new-age, universalist worldview of Lutheranism. The right turn, on the other hand, would literally have those followers continue the faith supported, upheld, and described in the Holy Scriptures as set down by our God, the Almighty Heavenly Father.

No Pastor?

WordAlone Ministries' Chaplain Corps may have an answer! Several of our chaplains have stepped forward and are making themselves available to assist in start-up church preparations and/or to perform interim duties while your new church is in its call process. Caveat from WordAlone Ministries: When hiring staff personnel, ensure the proper background checks, etc. are completed. Our chaplains are not "hired" staff. These folks are volunteers and, as such, have not been subjected to background checks initiated by WordAlone Ministries. Most, if not all, of our chaplains are former ELCA ordained pastors. The majority are retired. If your church group wishes to avail themselves of these fine folks' services, please bear in mind that any and all working and financial arrangements must be made between your group and the chaplain. WordAlone Ministries is NOT in the business of job placement and, as such, is not to be held responsible for any liabilities thereof. All normal background checks, etc. are to be requested solely by the hiring group and fully sponsored by same. WordAlone Ministries' responsibility ends with the listing of clergy who would be interested in such temporary positions. These individual pastors' listings show their wishes with regard to travel, etc.

The series of pages beginning with this page will describe the plans, faith, fortitude, and testimonies of just a few of those who have chosen the "right" turn. These folks chose to start over. They chose to build new churches. The churches are not necessarily brick and mortar. Starting with people of good faith, the Holy Spirit again prevailed and set these folks in motion to begin anew. House churches, store-front churches, new buildings, using funeral home and assisted-living center chapels, and all sorts of other ingenious ideas, the roots of Lutheran Christianity are spreading, growing, and bearing fruit. As these stories and testimonials will tell, a resurgence in happening. Using the aforementioned facilities...even picnic tables in parks...would seem to indicate a desire to return to a more "1st Century" approach to "church." Simplicity, purity of Gospel and Law...fewer trappings and more Holy Spirit being recognized and acted upon...this would seem to be the prevalent attitude here in the 21st Century.

These stories will bear out the old adage, "where there is a will, there is a way...when that will is the will of God" Especially when you add the Holy Spirit into the mix! Nothing is impossible for God!

Yes, there are only two such stories now (at the top of this page) but more will be coming soon. Please check back here often.